Isla Catalina Dominican Republic

Isla Catalina Dominican Republic is one of the most impressive spots to visit in the Caribbean. This island is located approximately 1 mile and a half from the southeast area of the Dominican Republic very close to the province of La Romana. 

The island is quite small and has an area of approximately 3.71 square miles. You could say that this tiny place has a sister island very close to it called Saona island which is also another well visited spot. Both of these islands are prime destinations for tourists staying at the Punta Cana area in the Dominican Republic.

Why to Visit Isla Catalina

There are many reasons of why the Isla Catalina Dominican Republic tour is so popular among vacationers. The tour basically takes a whole day because there is so much to enjoy at this amazing place. The whole island is a truly authentic paradise for scuba divers and snorkeling fans. The whole area is protected as a natural reserve by the government so you should not be surprised by the lack of buildings around. One of the most distinctive features of the island is its natural protection against winds which make the waters quite serene and perfect to enjoy for all kinds of activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving without any problems. If you want to stay at the beach and relax you can do it, however, you will miss one of the greatest attractions of the island called the wall.

The wall and other attractions at Isla Catalina Dominican Republic

The wall is an astonishing drop of more than 330 feet where you can have the diving experience of a lifetime. If you love diving visiting this spot is a must. There is a very gentle slope at the beginning of the beach that eventually leads to the wall. In the wall you can find 2 ledges: one of them at 83 feet and the next one at 132 feet. Once in the water you can observe the coral reefs and all the marine life that is around. 

The wall is not the only spot where you can dive in Isla Catalina. The aquarium is indeed something you will remember. This area is characterized by an immense formation of coral reefs and the abundant marine life that includes sponges and several fish types. The area has an approximate depth of around 46 feet.

If the wall and the aquarium are not enough for you there is also an ancient shipwreck in the nearby waters.

The old shipwreck of the pirate William Kidd is one of the most impressive views around the island and it can easily be observed at a depth of less than 20 feet. There is more than great attractions at the Isla Catalina Dominican Republic; the buffet ready for you is really something else. A wide variety of fresh fish, several different kinds of tropical fruit, amazingly grilled meats and unique Dominican desserts are just part of the menu that will be waiting for you.

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