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Use the Dominican Republic currency converter to know the exchange rate from one currency to another.

In Punta Cana we visited a small, local gift shop. I don't remember the name of the shop but what I do remember is that I bought a small ceramic doll and the price was 380.00 Dominican pesos (the currency in Punta Cana and in the country).

When I saw the price I had no idea at all about how much was that amount of money in dollars and I really wanted to buy more than one. In that precise moment I thought that I should have checked the exchange rate before traveling.

Well, I just bought only one doll because our tour guide gave us only 15 minutes to shop and I spent like 13 minutes thinking and trying to make any calculation that occurred in my mind about what was the correct currency conversion. Later I decided to ask the seller and he told me the exchange rate; deep inside I just wanted to have verified that myself before arriving to Punta Cana.

Convert your currency into Dominican pesos or any other currency you choose.

It is very easy to use the currency converter.

1- Enter the amount you want to convert.

2- Choose the currency you want to convert from.

3- Choose the currency you want to convert to.

And finally, do you want to know how much did my doll really cost?

It was about $10.00 dollars (USD), that is 9.78 Canadian dollars (CAD) or 7,70 Euros (EUR). Imagine if I had taken a lot of them to the cashier, believing that they were around half of the actual cost. You can probably understand that I was quite happy I had only one of them in the hands!

Dominican Republic money

As you can see, knowing the exchange rate from your currency and USD to Dominican pesos will help you to compare the prices; in that way you will be more clear at the moment of paying for the souvenirs, excursions or even a lunch or dinner in a restaurant outside resort, etc.

Do yourself a favor and really take notes about the current values of the Dominican Republic currency converter before traveling to Punta Cana; either for making a budget or just to have a general idea on how much money you will use there.

When comparing the exchange rate of the USD with the Dominican peso (DOP) just as with other currencies there are some minor fluctuations; increasing and decreasing the rates during the year.

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