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A Dominican Republic map is a necessary tool when traveling to this incredible country. The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country located on the eastern of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean.

The Hispaniola is considered to be one of the biggest islands in the Caribbean. Only the island of Cuba is larger than the Hispaniola. There are 2 countries in the Hispaniola Island; the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The majority of the territory is occupied by the Dominican Republic (approximately 2/3 of the island). Keep in mind that the Dominican Republic is a completely different place from the island of Dominica which is also located on the Caribbean.

Current Dominican Republic Map

Today the Dominican Republic has many cities spread around its territory. The main ones are mostly located in the northern and southern coasts while the smaller towns are deep inside the mountain ranges like the central cordillera that extend from the east to the west of the country.


The capital Santo Domingo is located at the south of the country. Other important cities in the south coast are: La Romana, Barahona and Higuey which is closer to the eastern coast near the area of Punta Cana. In the north coast you can find the busy city of Puerto Plata and a bit more to the south the historical city of Santiago de los Caballeros. The western part of the Dominican Republic has only a few towns and is mostly a desert area.

Old Dominican Republic History

The Dominican Republic map didn’t always look like it does today; originally the Hispaniola Island as a whole belonged to the Tainos. Once Columbus arrived to the island in 1492 everything changed. The Spaniards quickly dominated the entire island and made it part of their vast empire. In the 17th century the French appeared on the Hispaniola and created a colony in the western part of the island. This colony grew so much that just in a couple of decades became a threat to the Spaniard domain in the island. In 1804 the French colony was strong enough to claim its independence creating the country of Haiti. The new country of Haiti launched an attack on the remaining part of the island around 1821 and took over the entire island. Their rule lasted for about 22 years until the Dominican population rebelled and expelled them to Haitian territory. In 1844 the Dominican Republic was finally born as total sovereign country.

Where is Punta Cana?

The region of Punta Cana is located at the east side of the island. You can stay at any resort in the area and take a trip to any of the cities located in Dominican Republic.

In Spanish - Mapa de Republica Dominicana

The hotels in Punta Cana have a variety of excursions for their guests. And some of them can be cheaper if you go for half a day instead of a complete day.

ยป Dominican Republic Map

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