Dominican Republic Radio Stations

The Dominican Republic radio stations feature the most popular rhythms of this amazing country. Dominicans love a good beat with lot of fast movements; that fact is perfectly reflected in their music and dance. Dominicans prefer the fast rhythms; however, there are still some of them that rather listen to more classical tunes.

Besides their music full of tropical flavor; other things that can be heard in their live radio stations are religious programs, sport programs as well as comedy shows. There are several radio stations in the Dominican Republic; even when majority of them focus in their native music, a lot of tunes from international artists can be heard as well.

Radio Stations

The Dominican Republic radio stations include many to cater for all kinds of music tastes. You can find Super K 100.7 FM station (in La Vega) where you can hear the latest merengue, bachata and salsa. The (in Santo Domingo) is a great place where you can hear the news about recent events in the Dominican Republic. Suave 107.3 FM (Santiago) is the one to listen if you love soft romantic songs. Kiss 94.9 FM specializes in R&B, reggae and other modern tunes. All sport fans will find that ESPN Radio 104.5 FM is the one to listen to be informed about all sport related events. Pura vida 92.9 FM, Radio Jesus 750 AM and Radio Luz 93.7 FM are religious stations offering Christian music and shows directed to improve the spiritual life of listeners. A quite unusual radio station in the Dominican Republic is the Vaughan Radio 102.5 FM ( which is solely dedicated to teach the English language 24 hours a day.

There are many other stations, like La Nueva 106.9, Fuego 90 and Perla 106.3 FM. From Santo Domingo you will find Sonido Suave and La 91.3 FM among others.

More Dominican Republic live radio stations:

Comando 88.5 Santiago Tropical (merengue, etc.)
Disco 88.9 Santiago Ballads
Hits 92 Santo Domingo Variety
Magia 90.3 Higuey Light music (ballad, pop, etc.)
Mambo 94.3 Higuey Merengue
Master 106.9 Puerto Plata Bachata
Neon 89.3 Santo Domingo Tropical (mostly merengue)
Super Regional Santiago Tropical
Radio Ideal 99.5 Moca Variety
Radio Luz 93.7 Santiago de Los Caballeros Instrumental, religious

Popular Music Types

In the Dominican Republic radio stations the popular tunes you will often find belong to the merengue and bachata music styles. Other styles such as reggae and rock are also heard but in a lesser degree; merengue is one of the top rhythms danced at the Dominican Republic. Between the merengue and bachata is hard to say which one is actually more popular. The merengue is very fast paced and very well known around the world. The musical instruments normally used for merengue are the: trumpet, the bass guitar, the guira, the trombone and the drum. Many songs heard during Christmas time are played in merengue versions too.

Bachata is another incredibly popular music style in the country. The pace is way slower than merengue and it used to have a more depressing mood. It quickly evolved from a style only danced in the rural areas of the Dominican Republic to one known worldwide in only a few decades. The typical instruments used in the bachata are the: guira, the requinto guitar, the electric guitar and the bongo drums. The live radio in the Dominican Republic is something worth listening to so take some time and pay attention to the breathtaking beats of the Caribbean.

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