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The Punta Cana blog is the place where you will find the most recent additions to Punta Cana Travel Guide. For example, additions that have being done to the facilities of the resorts and new services offered by them, new excursions available in the area and the occasional name change that some hotels undergo. Also the reviews about the resorts in the area of Punta Cana. Additionally you will know when new content is added which includes all kinds of interesting pages, a wide variety of articles about the touristic region located at the south east coast in the Dominican Republic.

Recently updated:

What are the Top 10 Dominican Republic Newspapers?

Find out what are the most popular newspapers in the Dominican Republic, so you can keep yourself informed about the latest events.

Continue reading "What are the Top 10 Dominican Republic Newspapers?"

Punta Cana All Inclusive Vacation - Benefits

Discover the benefits of a Punta Cana all inclusive vacation to plan a budget friendly getaway, as it could save you a lot of money.

Continue reading "Punta Cana All Inclusive Vacation - Benefits"

Calling from Dominican Republic

Save money with the best options for calling from Dominican Republic when traveling.

Continue reading "Calling from Dominican Republic"

Dominican Republic Clothing, What to wear in Punta Cana

The best Dominican Republic clothing tips that you must know before heading to this wonderful vacation spot.

Continue reading "Dominican Republic Clothing, What to wear in Punta Cana"

What are the Most Popular Dominican Republic Festivals?

Discover what are the important celebrations and cultural events in the Dominican Republic and when they take place.

Continue reading "What are the Most Popular Dominican Republic Festivals?"

Capital of Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo

The capital of Dominican Republic is well known for its impressive old buildings and museums.

Continue reading "Capital of Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo"

How do People Celebrate Christmas in the Dominican Republic

Celebrate Christmas the Dominican way. Learn the customs and the unique way people from the Dominican Republic commemorate the holiday season.

Continue reading "How do People Celebrate Christmas in the Dominican Republic"

Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar, Adults Only All Inclusive

The Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar is a wonderful resort located at 30 minutes from the international airport.

Continue reading "Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar, Adults Only All Inclusive"

Punta Cana Tourism

Basic information to know about the Punta Cana tourism before traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Continue reading "Punta Cana Tourism"

Three Kings Day - How do you Celebrate the Holiday in the DR?

If you want to know about the Three Kings Day or Día de los Reyes Magos, you are in the right place. Discover the traditions for this joyous occasion.

Continue reading "Three Kings Day - How do you Celebrate the Holiday in the DR?"

Dominican Republic Foods, Easy Recipes

How to cook traditional Dominican Republic food; also learn about the cultural influences on the cuisine, everyday dishes and desserts.

Continue reading "Dominican Republic Foods, Easy Recipes"

Punta Cana Safari Tour

Information about the Punta Cana safari adventure. Find prices, learn about the Dominican culture, food and more.

Continue reading "Punta Cana Safari Tour"

Which is the best resort in Punta Cana for a single adult?

I want to stay at resort with not a lot of children, I am in my late twenties looking to have fun night life, hanging out the pool meeting ladies, I prefer

Continue reading "Which is the best resort in Punta Cana for a single adult?"

Barcelo Bavaro Golf Course

The Barcelo Bavaro Golf Course is owned by the Barcelo Bavaro Resort Complex and is located in Bavaro, Punta Cana.

Continue reading "Barcelo Bavaro Golf Course"

White Sands Golf Course in Punta Cana

The White Sands Golf Course in Punta Cana is about 30 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport.

Continue reading "White Sands Golf Course in Punta Cana"

Punta Cana Restaurants

The Punta Cana restaurants located at the resorts are normally focused in different countries and its popular dishes.

Continue reading "Punta Cana Restaurants"

Manati Park Punta Cana

Visit the Manati Park Punta Cana and enjoy a tropical jungle atmosphere, shows and more.

Continue reading "Manati Park Punta Cana"

Minitour Punta Cana

This activity is a bit different from others as you will be driving a convertible Minicooper through adjacent areas of the Punta Cana region in the minitour.

Continue reading "Minitour Punta Cana"

Beach Buggy Excursions

Basic safety tips for the beach buggy excursion to help you enjoy the tropical surroundings to the maximum.

Continue reading "Beach Buggy Excursions"

Punta Cana Snorkeling

The Punta Cana snorkeling is a great activity that can be practiced during your vacation.

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