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Punta Cana All Inclusive Vacation

Benefits of a Punta Cana All Inclusive Vacation

Often people do not realize that they could save money by having their vacation in all inclusive resorts.

When planning a vacation one must factor in all the additional costs of various amenities, admission fees at sights, meals, activities, etc. Naturally you must read all the information carefully to find out what all is covered and what isn’t so there will be no surprises later. 

You don’t have to spend your vacation worrying about, “Can we afford to go there? or Do we really have enough money to eat out tonight?”  But overall an all inclusive trip can be very relaxing because everything is paid for up front.

Usually the resorts in Punta Cana include meals, snacks, drinks, activities (such as exercise classes and organized games).

Palm in the beach

Also access to tennis courts or a golf course, and guided hikes and entertainment (shows, dancing and music.) Some off-site destinations may also be included.

Various of the amenities that usually require an additional charge are massages or salon services that offer facials and manicures or pedicures for an additional fee.

You may also have to pay a small charge for any equipment rental that you might use. Although many resorts located on the water include diving equipment in the vacation rate. 

You can have your entire vacation right on the grounds in complete security if you want to. A Punta Cana all inclusive vacation generally has so many services and activities going on that there is always plenty to do right on the complex.

If you are traveling with children, having childcare available at your resort can be a tremendous asset. 

Little boy with snorkel in the beach
Your kids will be engaged in fun activities with other kids their own ages during the day, while you relax or explore the area at your leisure. So, don’t miss out on that family vacation just because you’re worried that you can not afford it or that there’s nothing for the kids to do. You might just be surprised at how many supervised activities are available for children at most resorts.

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Some may worry about a lack of variety with an all inclusive resort, but that is usually not a problem. Take for instance the food. 


You will be not be served the same food every day. Often all-you-can-eat buffets are available with numerous choices obviously included in the price. 

Many resorts in the Caribbean also have 5 to 6 restaurants and bars for your convenience as well. An extensive room-service menu may also be included in your upfront cost. 

As far as activities are concerned, your Punta Cana all inclusive vacation will have various sports available: basketball courts, golf courses, tennis courts, water sports (swimming, scuba diving, water ski), and other themed events.

The simplicity of having everything at your fingertips for one price just cannot be beaten. So, stop worrying about spending your vacation waiting for reservations at restaurants and listening to your kids whine about not being able to afford their excursions.

ยป Punta Cana All Inclusive Vacation

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