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Punta Cana Shopping

Resort gift shop or shopping center?

As soon as you enter the Dominican Republic (and relax in your hotel room for a little while) you will probably feel ready to go for some Punta Cana shopping, which can be quite entertaining.

There is no way you will want to return home empty handed after so many hours of travel to Punta Cana. I’m pretty sure your relatives, friends and neighbors are going to expect at least some souvenirs.

In my case, I always buy small things like pens, dolls, and of course, a little bag of coffee. In Punta Cana there are many places where you can get any type of souvenir you could want. In Punta Cana there are many places where you can get any type of souvenir you could want. In most stores you can use credit cards but is preferable to pay in cash as not all merchants can handle them.

The shopping challenge

Before buying anything in Punta Cana you must be aware of the “right away” to do it. The local vendors in the area love and I mean love to haggle. When going Punta Cana shopping most of the times they will offer items insanely overpriced approximately 2, 3 times or even more than the real price. There is no need to be afraid, as soon they reveal the initial price is time for some bartering. You can begin by saying you will buy the item for half the price and continue from that point until a decent price is met. Do not agree for the initial amount or you will regret it.

Souvenirs in Manati Park

Vendors are everywhere; typically there is a good number of them waiting for you at the beach, also resorts often have a special night where merchants show to the public some of their items. If you venture outside the resort; you bet they are going to be close to any major establishment. When you finish your Punta Cana shopping tell them you ran out of money; is the only way they give up as they can be quite persistent.

Souvenirs and more

Some of the commonly sold items in Punta Cana are their well known cigars, rum, the “mamajuana drink” and fossil stones. Believe it or not the Dominican Republic is one of the top manufacturers of cigars in the world making them very skilled in the art of producing them. They can be easily acquired at several of the resort stores but if you want a closer look get to a local shop and watch them being made on the spot. Some of the shops even allow you to get a free sample so if you love cigars that’s the way to go. The usual price for them can go from $5 to more than $20 so all comes down to your bartering skills and the store you choose when going Punta Cana shopping.

Rums are also a favorite from the visitors. There is a pretty decent variety at most of the stores but keep in mind that if you want to take them home is helpful if you wrap them up carefully.

Mamajuana - Punta CanaOne of the best drinks that they have in there called “mamajuana” supposedly has many benefits to the health. 

When we arrived to Punta Cana, I remembered that one of the first questions that our tourist guide asked us was: Do you know what is "Mamajuana" ? (It didn't matter if your answer was yes or no because the tourist guide was going to talk about it anyway during our way to the hotel). A mamajuana bottle can cost around $8 or less if you are careful, otherwise it may go up to $20!


During your Punta Cana shopping you can ask the local sellers about the ambers, which are some extracted fossils. 

Some believe they have magnetic properties. 

In any case their stunning appearance make it a keepsake worth having. You will find many crafts being sold as well, like little figurines of natives and animals made of wood. Also the larimar stone known as the Dominican turquoise, is used to craft many earrings and other jewelry. In some places they make necklaces and bracelets with the customers' names crafted on them.

Another place to go for your Punta Cana shopping is Plaza Bavaro. It is a small shopping center which has many places like banks, jewelry, boutiques, typical restaurants and more. Most of the locals enjoy buying at this location. It is open from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and surely you can get a discount by bargaining with the sellers. Plaza Punta Cana is another place where you can get plenty of souvenirs; it is located just across the street from Plaza Bavaro. They have plenty of variety in merchandise; there you can find all kinds of jewelry shops, clothing shops, plus several crafts like dolls, purses, jewelry and handmade paintings, etc.

If you are going Punta Cana shopping you shouldn’t miss the Palma Real Shopping Village. This mall located very close to the Cocotal Golf Course is very well equipped and has a diversity of stores with all kinds of interesting souvenirs. Jewelry, clothing, gift, electronics and beauty stores are just some of the alternatives that will allow you to obtain the perfect gift for your loved ones. If that’s not enough restaurants and bars are also available to make your Punta Cana shopping time even more pleasant. The Palma Real Shopping Village offers a variety that is very rare to find in the Bavaro area; of course that benefit comes with a slight increase in the prices.

Iberia Supermarket in Higuey

The Iberia supermarket is another place you have to visit. It is a quite big place located in Higuey. The items sold in there are: all kinds of clothes, shoes, drinks, food, etc. Is like a supermarket, department store and Punta Cana gift shop combined. The people in Iberia were very nice. 

Shot glass from the Dominican RepublicThe prices in there are very good and they also accept US dollars and Euros, so if you need to purchase some items like clothes, shot glasses, electronics, music CDs and coffee (which is pretty good with a very rich flavor), that’s the place to do so. 

Most of the rhythms that can be found in the store are bachata music and merengue, also music from local artists, although the top hits of the moment are sold in there was well.

Also, in this shopping center you can find the famous Presidente beer and also another great Dominican beer named Soberana. Some wine can be bought too, but the variety on them is not too great. Buying gifts in these places can be a very rewarding experience, but you must never forget to bring some cash with you to take advantage of the amazing prices. As you can see, there is always something you can buy there. And when you go Punta Cana shopping, please try to buy something from the hard working locals. Most of the shops offer a wide variety of souvenirs, etc.; but the local artisans practically live with whatever they make of their sales. You may have to haggle with them for a bit to get good deals but is worth it.

Additional information for Punta Cana shopping:

Palma Real Shopping Center

Telephone Number: +1 809-552-8725
Open: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Location: El Cortecito highway (close to the Melia Caribe Tropical hotel), Bavaro-Punta Cana

Watch this video of Palma Real

The Palma real offers: banks, shoe stores, electronics, jewelry, boutique, beauty salon with spa, gift shop, sportswear among others. Additionally bar and restaurants are present for anyone wanting to take a break.

Plaza Punta Blanca

Location: Bavaro, Altagracia Dominican Republic (nearby the Majestic complex)

This is a small market area where you can get: arts and crafts, t-shirts, rum, cheap clothing items, inexpensive jewelry and more.

Bibijagua Artesanal Plaza

Open: 8:00 am - 12 midnight
Location: Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic (between Barcelo Bavaro Beach and IFA Villas Bavaro)

Here you can find many inexpensive items like: t-shirts, sarongs, cigars, coffee, fossilized stones like amber, different kinds of rum, beach toys for children and mamajuana. You can also enjoy several refreshments available on a juice booth in the center area of the market plus you always have the alternative to enjoy massages services in nearby shops.

San Juan Shopping Center

Telephone Number: +1 809-466-6000
Open: 9:00 am -10:00 pm
Location: Barcelo Avenue, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This mall offers clothing stores with plenty of designer items, restaurants, a supermarket and jewelry store.

El Cortecito

Location: Bavaro Dominican Republic (between the Palladium Palace and the Carabela Bavaro resort)

In this small village you can find supermarkets, restaurants, cheap jewelry shops, clothing stores, crafts and more.

ยป Punta Cana Shopping

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