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Punta Cana Activities

There is variety for everyone: Let the fun begin

Before traveling to the Dominican Republic, I was thinking about what kind of Punta Cana activities we could do there. At first, I thought about spending my vacations at the pool, going to the beach or visiting a shopping center, soon all that, was about to change.

When we arrived to the hotel (the Caribe Club Princess), I remember that our tourist guide (by the way, his name was Ambriori) asked us the following: "So, where are you planning to go tomorrow?" that was a very interesting question, we were finally in Punta Cana and I didn't plan going on any tour! So as you may imagine I was completely clueless about excursions offered in the area.

Fortunately, we arrived on time from the airport to the hotel, so we had time to book one excursion the hotel had available. It is very important that you book your tours or activities at least one day in advance as it may take some time for the guide to have everything ready for the excursion. If you are still not sure what to do in Punta Cana you can always go the help desk and ask about any tours available.

In the region there are many attractions to see, things to do and so little time. Unless you are staying for a couple of weeks in the area, you will miss most of the activities the place has to offer.

In order to assist you, this page contains information about some of the most essential places and activities you can take part on to truly enjoy your vacation time. One more thing, the vast majority of the hotels have arrangements with tour guides to offer excursions, this can save you a lot of trouble since you won’t have to venture outside the resort just to find a tour guide.

Attractions and Things to do in Punta Cana:

1- Marinarium
- One of the main attractions of the area; this ecological marine reserve is located at the east of the Dominican Republic.

2- Water Sports
- Have fun at one of the most beautiful and well ranked beaches in the world. Parasailing, kayaking, fishing and boating are just a few of the choices you will want to try.

3- Safari Excursion
- You can visit many places during this excursion; you will see the area in a whole different way.

4- Bird Watching
- Check which are the various areas for taking a look at the interesting bird species in the Dominican Republic. You will be shocked when you discover how many endemic species can be found in this exotic part of the Caribbean.

Isla Catalina
5- Scuba Diving
- There are many places in Punta Cana where you can dive and also there are scuba diving lessons for beginners. Great for using your skills of underwater photography.

Aerial view
6- Helicopter Tours
- If you are curious about how does the alluring east coast of the country looks from the sky, then this is the tour you are looking for. You won’t believe the immense beauty of the pristine waters as you watch them from above.

Dark horse
7- Horseback Riding
- The horseback riding trip is great for relaxing and for checking out the beautiful beaches in the area. It is also the ideal opportunity to show your significant other how much you care as you ride together along the coast.

Air Balloon
8- Hot Air Balloon
- The balloon ride is a tour that allows you to enjoy the elements of the nature from a different perspective.

Zip line
9- Zipline
- You will find that it is quite an adventure going down the zipline with other explorers like you.

Man on a segway
10- Segway
- If you want to visit various places outside of a bus then get on the segway for a fun tour around nearby the areas of the Punta Cana region and experience firsthand the beauty of the territory that many people enjoy as well.

11- Whale Watching
- If you go to any of the tours during January or February you can take this amazing trip and actually watch whales. Take a camera with you, I can guarantee you will want to take lots of photos.

12- Snorkeling
- This is a great alternative if you don't want to spend money doing scuba diving as part of your Punta Cana activities. Some resorts offer free snorkeling tips and lessons, if you are a first time visitor this is a must!

13- Golf Courses
- You won’t believe the amount of places you can play at in this part of the Dominican Republic. Astounding well designed courses such as the Punta Espada and La Cana golf club can challenge amateurs and professional players alike.

Beach in Punta Cana
14- Buggy Tours
- Among the excursions in Punta Cana, this one is a must to try. This fun tour will take you through different roads on the countryside and the coastline. People have pointed out the enjoyment they have experienced while riding across the breathtaking landscape of this tropical place.

15- Mini Tour
- Drive a MINI Cooper around various areas of the Dominican Republic.

Pink flamingos in Punta Cana
16- Manati Park
- Enjoy a walk through several forested areas, witness several interesting shows and watch many exotic animals like: parrots, flamingos, turtles, dolphins and sea lions. This park is a good example of the flora and fauna that can be found in this beautiful country.

Remember to use a good sunscreen when going out in the sun for the tours

After some hours without protection you could get a sunburn, so taking care of your skin is essential when having a vacation in the Caribbean.

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