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Punta Cana Travel Guide makes it easier for you to decide where to stay, which excursions to take and when to travel, among the many elements of organizing a trip. The all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic are ideal to have the vacation of your dreams. They have a wide variety of amenities, most are located right by the beach and many have a luxurious design. You just need the proper planning and you can have inexpensive Punta Cana vacations for the whole family.

The first time I visited the area was on November, 2006. Well, to be honest, some relatives had invited me a couple of times before and I used to answer the same: thanks, but no thanks. My relatives never gave up and they kept inviting me anyway. One day, on September, guess what? Yes, they were planning another trip, again to Punta Cana! This time, instead of giving them the same answer, I just asked the following: Why do you like that place so much? What makes you come back again and again? They were surprised by my question but I was more surprised with their answer. 

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Punta Cana Princess

Occidental Grand

Caribe Tropical Princess

Caribe Club Princess vacation

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They said: If you want to know why we like the place so much, you have to come with us and see it by yourself!!! Great answer. Finally, I decided to go and enjoy a Caribbean island resort. I just wanted to discover, by myself, what was the secret or the magic that kept them coming back. (And believe me, I finally did!) I’m pretty sure with one look to any photo of the area you will fall in love with the place as well.

Punta Cana Travel Guide is here to help you plan your vacations:

Beach view
Resort pool
Saona island beach
Rice, chicken, salad - Punta Cana food


Dominican men playing music

Many people travel all the time but most don't know relevant facts or ideal places for taking photos and could be missing a lot of fun.

That is why is so important to have some knowledge when going on a trip to one of the all inclusive resorts. Another very important detail, this travel guide is created by a real traveler, (well, I should say "travelers" because my sister and my brother helped me a lot while creating this site), made by someone who actually visited Punta Cana and discovered the secret and magic of this place.

Knowing about the coolest places to go, what activities are available, the types of food are offered and which are the outstanding hotels are among the things that this travel guide offers to every traveler.

And also it will allow you to understand why Punta Cana is, without a doubt, the place to have your getaway by providing information about the stuff you ought to know when deciding to travel to some of the Dominican resorts.

Reading and learning prior traveling is a step towards an unforgettable trip, in which you can be alone, with a group of friends or with the whole family.

You will have information about:

  • reviews about the top resorts

  • the Basilica of Our Lady of La Altagracia (Nuestra SeƱora de La Altagracia)

  • restaurants to enjoy delicious meals

  • useful shopping tips, where to buy and the currency exchange

  • the breathtaking beaches in the area (Bavaro beach for example)

  • trips and activities for everyone like golf, playing tennis, horseback riding, whale watching, fishing, water sports and others

  • night life (where to go, hotel night shows, and more fun)

  • read about Dominican history - yes, it is good to read a little about history from time to time

  • know more about the culture in the Dominican Republic

  • weather conditions during the year

  • how much should you tip your maid, waiter, waitress,... and all the people who make you feel like a queen or king in the resorts and much more information!


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